2014 M.F.A Applied Craft and Design, Pacific Northwest College of Art -   Oregon College of Art and Craft, Portland, OR

2000 B.F.A with minor in  Women's Studies, Ohio University, Athens, OH

Professional Experience

2014-19 Caitlin Rose Sweet Studio LLC: Ceramic Designer, Brooklyn, NY

2018 This Pipe is not a Pipe: The Art of Smoking Vessels with Caitlin Rose Sweet

Guest Teacher, Mouse Ceramics Studio, Brooklyn, NY

Artist Talk: Caitlin Rose Sweet, Guest Lecturer, Gasworks, Brooklyn, NY

2015 NYU Performance Studies: Guest Lecturer, NYC, NY

Le Petit Versailles: Programming Committee, NYC, NY

Werrrqshop: Guest Instructor, Joan Mitchell Foundation, NYC, NY

2014 Gawker Party: Media Designer, NYC, NY 

        Mix 27: Media Designer and Co-Curator of Installations, Brooklyn, NY 

2013 Common Threads: Curatorial and Programming Intern, MoCC, Portland, OR

2012 Best Revenge: Curator, Multiple Locations: queer collective homes in the Mission 

District and Alley Cat Books, San Francisco, CA



2019 Hag, Empirical Nonsense Door Project, NYC, NY

2017 Objectified, Leslie Lohman Project Space, NYC, NY

Uncontainable, Le Petit Versailles, NYC, NY

2016 Snake in the Grass, Academic, Long Island City, NY

2014 Words as Objects, Lodge Gallery, Portland, OR

2013 Cord, MoCC Storefront Gallery, Portland, OR


2020 Queer Threads, Katzen Art Center at American University, Washington DC  

Fellowship Show, Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, NYC, NY

2019 Queeramics, Foster Gallery, Baton Rouge, LA

Queer Craft, Morrison Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota

2018 Jelly, Union Studios, Portland, OR

  Queer Mythology, Lair Fera, Brooklyn, NY

Rough Trade, Allegheny College, Meadsville, PA

2017 Let Me Look at You, Arlington Arts Center, Arlington, VA

Bodies Up for Grabs, Judson Memorial Church, NYC, NY

Nasty Women, The Knockdown Center, Brooklyn, NY

2016 Small Works for Big Change, Cooper Gallery at Cooper Union, NYC, NY

CounterCraft: Voices of the Indie Craft Community, Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton,

2015 Radical Functions, SMA Art Gallery, San Francisco, CA 

Hanky Code: The Move: Segment Co-Director, multiple screenings: MIX NYC, Pop Porn
Festival, Brazil

The Gay Wax Museum, OUTsider Festival, Austin, TX 

2014 Out of Nine, Reynolds Fine Art, New Haven, CT

           Queer Prophecies, Submission, San Francisco, CA

           Mixed Messages, Furthermore, Portland, OR

               Invisible Landscapes, Surplus Space, Portland, OR

2013 Queer Objectivity, Stamp Gallery University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD

           Mix 26, The Mix Factory, Brooklyn, NY

Craftivism, Le Petit Versailles, New York, NY

Cunt Lab Cabaret, Villa Kuriosum, Berlin, Germany

Press and Publications

2018 “Caitlin Rose Sweet. Ginger Magazine. Summer 2018, pp. 16-20. 

Mazzo, Nico. Interview with Ceramicist Caitlin Rose Sweet, SHE/FOLK, Apr. 2018,  



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Awards and Grants

2014 Best Practicum award Applied Craft and Design, PNCA and OCAC, Portland, OR

2012 QCC Grant for curating Best Revenge for The National Queer Art Festival, SF, CA


2018 Leslie-Lohman Museum Queer Artists Fellowship, Leslie-Lohman Museum, NYC, NY