HAG SERIES 2018-2019

Hag is an ongoing series of ceramic vessels that explores the grotesquely feminine and the history of decorative ceramics. This is a continuation of Caitlin Rose Sweet’s use of the vessel as a site of interrogation of capitalist constructs of labor, hierarchy, and productivity.



Uncontainable explores the long history of the vessel being a metaphor for a feminine body that is open, empty, and awaiting to be filled by the patriarchy. Caitlin Rose Sweet’s ceramic sculptures presents complicated forms that embody the potentiality of queerness and interrogates concepts of functionality, feminine labor, and interdependence. These queer ceramic vessels are not simple passive receivers to hold what is given to them but evolving hungry beasts that drip with their desire, love, and revolt.


SNAKE IN THE GRASS at Academic Gallery 2016

Snake in the Grass reconsiders images and archetypes of female sexuality as depicted in Hieronymous Bosch’s iconic Garden of Earthly Delights. Sweet’s ceramic and textile pieces queer and liberate Boschs’s imagery, recasting them inside of a queer feminist desire and sensibility. Motifs of ceramic chains, witch hands, dripping holes, surrealist creatures, and weaponized femininities are central to Sweet’s explorations of beauty, adornment, the feminine body, and the illusory division between art and craft.  


CONSTANT CRAVINGS 2014 Furthermore Gallery

Constant Cravings reimagines the historical Unicorn Tapestries, in this version the unicorns are not isolated hunted animals but queer beasts experiencing the sensations of the singular body becoming the collective body. This installation explores how queer intimacies breaks the mold of how and what a body should and can be.